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Defense expert: No U.S. ally is happy to assist U.S. intervention in the Taiwan Straits

CGTN, 01 Jun 2023
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The United States prides itself on having many "allies" whom it considers crucial in its anti-China crusade. However, when it comes to supporting American military intervention in the Taiwan Straits, these allies may not be willing to lend a hand. In a recent interview, Zhou Bo, a retired senior colonel of the People's Liberation Army, revealed that countries like the Philippines and Japan, who are traditionally seen as U.S. allies, don't want to see a military conflict in the Taiwan Straits. Their reluctance stems from the fear of being drawn into a war. On the other hand, China remains unafraid of American intervention and is steadfast in its path to achieve defense and military modernization by 2035 and become a world-class military power by the middle of this century. The current tensions have only accelerated China's pursuit of these goals.

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