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David Petraeus on the war in Ukraine and the relationship between Russia and China

DW, 24 Mar 2023
In an interview with DW's Washington bureau chief Ines Pohl, US Army general (ret.) David Petraeus said that Ukraine should be provided Western fighter bombers. "It's inevitable, yes. There's no other possible response given that we've run out of the MiGs that can be bought or transferred to Ukraine from Western countries that still have them in their arsenal from Cold War days."

Petraeus also talked about the role of China in the conflict and Xi Jinping's visit to Moscow: "Russia did not get the kind of commitment to provide weapons or any other real tangible assistance that would help them on the battlefield in Ukraine, which is, of course, what's most preoccupying Vladimir Putin's mind, given how miserably that war is going."


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