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Moscow drone attacks: Wagner furious at Russia's Defence Ministry

Telegraph, 30 May 2023
The head of the Wagner Group has launched an expletive-laden tirade against the Russian defence ministry for not preventing the drone attack on a wealthy Moscow suburb on Tuesday morning.

In an audio message shared to Telegram on Tuesday, in which he directly addressed the defence ministry, Yevgeny Prigozhin said: “Why the f--- are you allowing these drones to fly to Moscow? Who gives a s--- that they are flying to your homes on Rublyovka! Let your houses burn.

“And what should ordinary people do when drones with explosives crash into their windows?”

Mr Prigozhin’s Wagner Group of mercenaries have spearheaded the fighting in the front line city of Bakhmut, which fell to Russia earlier this month. Last week, he warned the Russian elites that they would face a revolution like those in 1917 unless they get serious about fighting in the war.

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